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What is This Program?

This GED Prep Express program in intended to  offer a relatively brief  introduction to topics found on state-sanctioned high school credentialing exams, including the GED, HiSET,  and TASC.

This program is built around free, highly successful online study materials provided for McGraw-Hill's Contemporary's GED. Although the high school credentialing exams have been undergoing extensive revisions since January 2014, Contemporary's GED still provides a meaningful first step for those who are not confident they are prepared more rigorous GED-preparation experiences.

If you are part of a GED prep class or studying with the help of a teacher or other learning mentor, you should follow the the plan of study they provide for you.

If you are studying on your own, simply jump into one of the five topics listed below ... and go to work.


Social Studies

Language Arts:

Language Arts:




When you feel you are ready to enter a more intensive GED Prep program, go here.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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