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Instructions & Notes

Unless your teacher or GED mentor instructs otherwise, you should complete these assignments according to the instructions and in the order shown on this page.

Study Aids

Writing Handbook




Preparing for GED Language Arts, Writing

Assignment 13-1: Preview the Topic

Use the Chapter Overview to see exactly what you will be studying in this series of assignments. These are your main learning objectives.

Assignment 13-2: Study and Research the Topic

  • Research the terms and processes described in Chapter Outline. Use the Google search box to do further Web research on your own. Be sure to take loads of notes and think through each idea very carefully.

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Assignment 13-3: Check Your Mastery of the Topic

When you've completed a quiz, click the Submit Answers button at the bottom of the quiz page. The computer will score your quiz and give you an opportunity to send the results to a teacher or other mentor. Please use this e-mail feature responsibly.


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