The Length and Schedule of the Program

The GED & College Prep program consists of thirty-five study units, and each study unit is designed for one week of work. That might lead you to believe the program is exactly 35 weeks long, but that isn't the case. Read on.

A new class is born each month. Enrollment opens for a new class during the first week of every month, and it remains open until the first Sunday of the following month. That's when the assignments begin.

How to Join a Class. New classes start on the first Sunday of each month. Once a new class begins, the next class opens for enrollment. To join the next-starting class:

  1. Go to the GED & College Prep home page at

  2. Click the button labeled Enroll In the Next Class

  3. Provide the information requested by the Google Group page for the next class.

Important: There are absolutely no costs involved in the GED & College Prep program. Any requests for credit card numbers, access to PayPal accounts or any other avenues to your money is a scam that  should be reported to your GED moderator immediately.

Each class is assigned an ID number. The 4-digit class number indicates the year and month the class begins. The first pair of digits represent the year, and the second pair indicate the month the class formally begins.

Example: Class 1404 stated in April (month 4) of 2014.

The programming that runs the courses must use that 4-digit class designation, but human class members often come up with far more interesting names such as Achievers, Crusaders, Challengers, and so on.

Assignments are posted on the class website on Sunday mornings, and they remain available throughout the week.

How to Reach Your Class Home Page

  1. Go to the GED home page at

  2. Click the button labeled Go to Your Class

  3. Select your class number from the list of current classes.

Of course there is no need to be present for the postings in the middle of the night. Classes never convene in the traditional sense of having to be in a particular place at a particular time. However, it  is a good idea to pick up the assignments as soon as it's convenient, because they will change again the following Sunday.

Although there are no official requirements for meeting as a class, many class members form into smaller groups where the tasks of helping one another and sharing the workload more manageable.

Administrative Week. The week beginning with the last Sunday of each month is our Administrative Week. There are no new assignments for that week, giving you time to get caught up on past assignments or to take a well-deserved break.

This explains why a program made up of 35  weekly assignments requires about one year to complete.

Graduation. Free-Ed.Net has been providing free online GED preparation programs since the late 1990s. There have been some terrific class reunions, but only one graduation ceremony. People rarely complete the program, but for a good reason: The program is so effective that they manage to pass the HSE exam after just a few months of participation. Imagine the excitement when a class member announces he or she just passed the HSE exams and is holding the credential in their hands!