Assignments, Evaluation, and Accountability

About the only way to fail this program is to quit

Assignments. Every study units consists of recommended assignments for at least two HSE topics. There are often some comments, reminders, and words of encouragement from the staff. The assignments must not be regarded as simple busywork. They show what you need to be able  to do and instruct you on the most effective way to go about doing. If you feel  you have already mastered the subject of the assignments, there is little value in spending a lot of time "going through the motions."

The mathematics assignments begin with elementary arithmetic, progress through integer arithmetic and fractions; then onto basic algebra, geometry, statistics, and so on. If you find you have already mastered the skills for  arithmetic, for example, there is no point in spending your time doing all the examples and exercises. You would gain more by concentrating on other parts of the assignment, your long-term reading assignments or, better yet, helping classmates who might be struggling with the fractions.

Evaluation (aka, Grading). Except for a few special cases, assignments are not to be "turned in." Unless you ask some of your classmates to help, there is no one to evaluate your work -- except you. A mature learner knows how to evaluate his/her own work and set their own standard of achievement. We do not expect to find many mature learners during the first couple of months of this program, so evaluating the quality of the work depends upon close collaboration with others who are dealing with the same issues.

Because there is no formal assessment of your work, there are no "grades."  This program is not about getting good grades; it's about learning to learn and feeling the sense of achievement that comes from it. Grades mean nothing in the real world today; being able to learn, analyze, and communicate mean everything.

Accountability. The only official standard of accountability in this program concerns personal behavior,  and has nothing to do with class attendance, group participation, or quality of the work. .The only way anyone can fail this  program is to quit ... or get banned  for unacceptable (offensive or disruptive) behavior.