Lesson 5
Multiplying Decimals

The procedures for multiplying decimal fractions is almost the same as multiplying whole numbers. The only difference is that we have to deal with the decimal points in the decimal-fraction versions—but not until the final step.


Multiplying Decimals

Step 1: Write the decimal values in vertical form, aligning the right-hand digits in the factors.

fig040501.gif (1241 bytes)

Note: Align the right-hand digits, and not the decimal points as in decimal addition and subtraction.

Step 2: Perform the multiplication operation without paying any attention to the decimal points.

fig040502.gif (1118 bytes)

Step 3: Count the total number of digits to the right of the decimal points in the factors. Count that many places to the left in the product, and place the decimal point there.

fig040503.gif (2764 bytes)

There is no need to waste your time here working through cumbersome multiplication problems. You have already mastered the procedure. The new thing here is placing the decimal point in the solution: The number of decimal places in the answer is equal to the sum of the number of decimal places in the multiplication factors.


Multiplying Decimals

If you are having any trouble understanding the content of this lesson, you will benefit from a more detailed tutorial on the subject.