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Here are 52 units of learning experiences that will help prepare you for the GED exam and and future opportunities in higher education and the workplace. They are the landmarks for your personalized map for an exciting and rewarding future.


Many people visiting this site are confused by our approach to learning and preparing for the GED exam. This is understandable, because the design of the 2014 GED exam reflects 21st century realities ... and most people aren't yet aware of how those realities impact preparation.

We would be doing you a great disservice to simply teach you how to "pass a test" (old school) and thereby leave you no better prepared than before.

Your first priority here is to make sure you get the knowledge and skills necessary for mastering  the 2014 version of the GED exam. 

Our responsibility is to describe what you need to know and what you must be able to do, and then to direct you to the relevant learning resources and opportunities.

Your responsibility is to make good use of the learning resources and  opportunities we provide.

Just so you know:  The official GED people are the ones making these claims ... we at Free-Ed.Net just happen to agree!


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