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Lamb, G. (2010, March 8). Choral Techniques. Retrieved from the Connexions Web site:


1 Introduction
2 Conducting Techniques
3 Score Study
4 Interpreting Choral Music
5 Choral Diction: English and Latin
6 Choral Tone
7 Selection and Placement of Voices
8 Selection of Repertoire
9 The First Rehearsal
10 Regular Rehearsals
11 Final Rehearsals and Preparations for the Concert 
12 Building a Concert Program
13 Organizing Small Ensembles
14 Clinics, Festivals and Contests
15 Management of a Choral Department
16 Student Teaching and Securing a Position
17 Professional Ethics and Teacher Relationships



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The primary resource for this program is the e-book, Choral Techniques, by Gordon Lamp. Study that resource first.

The CtD (Connect-the-Dots) portion of the program allows you to browse through and back-and-forth between two highly regarded textbooks on conducting and maintaining a choir.


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