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This course is intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals. You need Windows and Visual C++ installed.

The free online textbook for this course is Visual C++ 6 Unleashed . Read the Introduction to the book.

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Lesson 19. Database Overview

Most corporate and commercial Visual C++ development involves database access. Database access ranges from single-user databases used in small businesses or corporate departments, such as Microsoft Access, to a much more complex distributed or multitiered database server system, such as Oracle. Whatever sort of database you are using, from simple local text files to corporate mainframe systems, Visual C++ includes interfaces that allow you to work with the database from your C++ applications. The next few lessons look at these interfaces in greater detail. This chapter gives an overview of the database interfaces available with Visual C++ 6, including each of the following:

  • OLE DB
  • The MFC database classes
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) 4.0
  • ActiveX data objects (ADO)

In addition, because all the interfaces that this chapter discusses use Structured Query Language (SQL) as the primary command and query language for working with the databases, you will also take a look at the basics of SQL.

Reading Assignments

Read the following sections from your free online textbook:

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) ODBC 4.0
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) OLE DB and ATL's Database Classes
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) MFC's Database Classes
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Structured Query Language
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Data Definition Language
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Data Control Language
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Data Manipulation Language

Learning Activities

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