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This course is intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals. You need Windows and Visual C++ installed.

The free online textbook for this course is Visual C++ 6 Unleashed . Read the Introduction to the book.

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Lesson 20. ODBC Programming

The Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) library is provided with Visual C++ to allow your applications to connect to a wide variety of different databases. It provides a common programming interface for accessing databases ranging from simple ASCII files to much more complex mainframe databases. ODBC uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to access all the data sources it supports, including data sources such as text files, which aren't traditionally accessed with SQL.

Reading Assignments

Read the following sections from your free online textbook:

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) ODBC Architecture
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) ODBC API Basics
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Creating ODBC Applications
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Executing SQL Statements
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Working with Result Sets
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Retrieving More Than One Row at a Time
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Rows
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Asynchronous Operations
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Transactions
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Catalog Functions

Learning Activities

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