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Topic 1—Numbers

Lesson 1-1     Introducing Whole Numbers

When you complete your assignments for this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe the difference between the set of natural numbers and the set of whole numbers.
  • Sketch a number line for the set of whole numbers.
  • Describe the meaning of zero and infinity in the whole number system.

Lesson 1-1   Introducing Whole Numbers


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The  Essential Assignments  are required for a basic understanding of the lesson. Work through the Essential Assignments carefully, and from beginning to end. Work the interactive exercises and take special care with you study of the examples.

The  Ancillary Assignments  are intended for building your understanding and honing your skills. They are important, but not as important as the Essential Assignments.

Take lots of notes in your Learning Journal. As you work on these journal, correcting and cleaning it up, it will gradually morph into a trophy—solid proof of your accomplishment.





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