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What is science? How does it work? What can it be? What should it be? These are just a few  examples of the philosophical issues that drive (or impede) the progress of science.



Online resources that provide an overview of the subject. These are especially
helpful for learners who are searching for subjects that suit their needs and
personal interests.

Resource Publisher
Overview of Philosophy of Science Wikipedia


Courses are organized studies that include at least a free online textbook and a study guide. Many include exams, quizzes, instructional videos and other helpful learning resources. They are suitable for both self-learning and formal instruction.

What is Science? This is a short course that is intended to introduce lifelong learners and self-directed scientists to a vision of science that is more productive than the one usually described in schools and the popular media.

These are contemporary textbooks that appear online, free of charge but with an undetermined number of pages missing. They are selected for their relevance and quality.

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