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Are you aware of every sub-discipline in the category of mathematics? Perhaps not.


You might discover something very exciting that you didn't know existed!


Welcome to the learning center for Free-Ed.Net's PreAlgebra programs. Pre-algebra programs are intended to give the learner a running start at algebra:  basic arithmetic, fractions and decimals, measuring systems, powers of 10, basic equations ... all that sort of thing. There is a wealth of material here, and we trust you will find a path that suits your learning style and academic needs. It can be especially helpful for those who have a dread of taking algebra.

  • PreAlgebra
    A complete course of study covering the topics of a traditional one-year program. This is one of the most popular courses offered at Free-Ed.Net.
  • Math & You

Note: Some of these tutorials might require a PDF reader. If you do not have an the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device, you can download a free copy here. Many also require the Google Play app for mobile devices.

Interactive Examples & Exercises
An "Endless" variety of interactive flash cards


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