What this Site is About
(What You are About)

In the parlance of education and career, "Nursing & Allied Health" covers every aspect of medical science and practice except that of physicians and doctors of osteopathy. So you are going to find opportunities for learning experiences here that cover everything from analyzing blood samples in the lab to assisting with serious surgery.

You will find plenty of courses and free online e-books dealing with many phases of nursing and health. But that  isn't our primary goal. Our primary goal here is to provide prospective nursing assistance and technologists (namely you) a realistic peek into the kind of studies you would do and the kind of work and emotional experiences you will encounter.

If you are thinking in terms of a 9-to-5 job with two-weeks vacation, benefits, and a retirement plan, you probably don't belong here. Of course you are free to explore. Who knows? You migt stumble across a learning resource that awakens something more relevant and human inside you.

TV shows and movies usually exaggerate the drama and romance of the medical professions. Of course they do -- overdoing things makes the productions more compelling and fun to watch. But that doesn't mean it is total nonsense. Just below the upper layers of glitz are some real impressions of the medical professions. Perhaps more so that any other occupation, the health occupations run on some clearly emotional fuels. I mean, any reasonable person would have to draw a huge paycheck to work twelve-hour shifts and help people with unpleasant maladies clear their bowels.

Exploring this website and joining others on our Facebook page, you will be able to engage the whole idea of medicine and health on a level that boosts your insight and will to succeed.

If you are even mildly interested in what we offer here, you are already someone special. Now tap into some of that emotional energy and embark on a most remarkable and lifelong journey.