Introduction to Microeconomics

Lecture 1, Personal Finance 

Lecture 2, The Economic Way of Thinking: Tools of the Trade 

Lecture 3, The Economic Way of Thinking: Part 2 

Lecture 4, Supply and Demand: The Basics 

Lecture 5, Supply and Demand: Part 2 

Lecture 6, Behind the Law of Consumer Choice 

Lecture 7, Extensions of Supply and Demand: Elasticity 

Lecture 8, The Role of Markets in the US Economy

Lecture 9, The Role of Government in the US Economy 

Lecture 10, Costs of Production and the Role of Profit 

Lecture 11, Competition, Part 1

Lecture 12, Competition, Part 2 

Lecture 13, Long Run Production Costs 

Lecture 14, Monopoly 

Lecture 15, Imperfect Competition 

Lecture 16, Competition Among the Few: Oligopoly 

Lecture 17, Income Differences and the Labor Market 

Lecture 18, Supply of and Demand for Productive Resources 

Lecture 19, Rent, Interest and Profit 

Lecture 20, Health Care and Aging: Implications for Public Policy 

Lecture 21, Poverty 

Lecture 22, Market Failure and Government Regulation 

Lecture 23, Economics and the Environment 

Lecture 24, International Trade Part 1 

Lecture 25, International Trade, Part 2 

Lecture 26, Transitional Economy: The Ukrainian Experience