Basic Financial Planning & Investment

Course Introduction & Expectations 

Clip 4 The Personal Financial Planning Process 

Clip 6 The Time Value of Money 

Clip 2 Basic Financial Statements: Income & Balance Sheets 

Clip 3 Budgeting: Income & Expense Statements 

Clip 43 Sources and Types of Retirement Income 

Clip 44 Self-Directed and Annuity Based Plans 

Clip 45 Interview: The Big Picture in Retirement Planning 

Clip 31 Risk, Return, Diversification and Life Cycle 

Clip 32 Asset Allocation and Life Stage 

Clip 34 The Risk and Returns of Investing in Financial Assets 

Clip 39 Historical Perspectives in Funds and Services 

Clip 35 Basics of Equities and Bonds 

Clip 36 Application: Calculating Security Prices and Yields 

Clip 37 The Basic Principles of Mutual Funds 

Clip 38 Choosing the Right Mutual Fund 

Clip 40 Investing in Real Estate 

Clip 41 Diversification: Investing in Precious Metals & Commodities 

Clip 42 Diversification: International Investments & Securities 

Wrap Up and Review