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March 29, 2014

Free-Ed.Net has just launched an expanded, updated, and improved version of this course:

Professional Carpentry, ver 2.0

We are aware that many of you are using this program as part of formal training and apprenticeship work; so this version will remain here until summer when your instructors have a chance to make the appropriate adjustments to their study guides.

We do, however, strongly encourage you to shift to the newer version asap.

Thank You!

Part 1. Construction Prints and Building Materials

Lesson 1.1 Construction Prints for Buildings
Information on Drawings
Working Drawings
Lesson 1.2 Bill of Materials (BOMs)
Materials Takeoff List
Materials Estimate List
BF Computation
Estimating the Quantity of Nails Required
Lesson 1.3 Building Materials
Hinge Hasps
Locks and Striker Plates

Part 2. Tools and Equipment

Lesson 2.1 Care and Use of Hand Tools
Boring Tools
Tooth-Cutting Tools
Sharp-Edged Cutting Tools
Smooth Facing Tools
Rough Facing Tools
Driving Tools
Fastening Tools
Leveling Tools
Measuring Tools
Framing Square
Sharpening and Smoothing Tools
Pulling Tools
Lesson 2.2 Care and Use of Power Machinery
Portable Power Saws
Radial Saw

Part 3. Floor Construction

Lesson 3.1 Floor Framing
Types of Sills
Types of Girders
Girder Size Requirement
Load Area
Floor Load
Girder Material
Girder Splices
Girder Supports
Floor Joists
Lesson 3.2 Subflooring
Plywood Subflooring
Diagonal Subflooring
Lesson 3.3 Finish Flooring
Preparing to Lay a Floor
Laying the Floor

Part 4. Wall-System and Stairway Construction

Lesson 4.1 Framing Members
Door and Window Openings
Fire Blocks
Post Construction
Plumbing Posts
Double Top Plates
Hasty Wall Construction
Lesson 4.2 Wall Sheathing
Exterior Wall Sheathing
Finish Siding
Sheetrock Tools
Interior Wail Coverings
Lesson 4.3 Moldings
Base Moldings
Lesson 4.4 Stairs
Stair Design
Stairway Calculations
Stairway Frames
Stairway Dimensions

Part 5. Roof Construction

Lesson 5.1 Roof Types
Roof Types
Lesson 5.2 Framing Members
Roofing Terms
Rafter Tables on a Framing Square
Using Templates
Roof Openings
Lesson 5.3 Roof-Covering Material
Roof Sheathing
Roof-Covering Terms
Shingle Roof
Shingle Installation

About This Course

This is a complete introductory course in carpentry. It is not intended for the home handyman, but rather for prospective professionals who are considering carpentry as a profession or looking forward to completing their apprenticeship.

This is a great way to get a look at the work of modern carpentry without having to make any commitments.

The content of this course is modified from a training manual provided by the U.S. Army. Occasional references to military situations and building specifications do not detract from the relevance of the lesson to civilian builders.  


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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All Rights Reserved

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