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About this Course

This course of study is built around Contemporary's GED Language Arts, Writing; authored by Ellen Carley Frechette and Tim Collins; and published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Having this textbook at hand can be very helpful, but it is not required for a rewarding learning experience.

Study Aids

Writing Handbook




Preparing for GED Language Arts, Writing

Practice Test

Take both parts of this sample GED writing test before and after completing the lessons below. Then compare the results.

Part I
This part of the Language Arts, Writing Test uses multiple-choice questions to determine your ability to use clear and effective written English.

Part II
This is the essay portion of the test.



It is recommended, but not absolutely necessary, that you complete these lessons in the sequence shown here.

1 Sentence Basics
2 Using Verbs
3 Combining Sentences
4 Organization
5 Using Correct Language
6 Mechanics
7 Test-Taking Strategies
8 Preparing for the GED Essay
9 Gathering Your Ideas
10 Organizing Your Ideas
11 Writing Your GED Essay
12 Revising Your GED Essay
13 Review of the Writing Process

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