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This course of study is built around Contemporary's GED Mathematics; authored by Jerry Howett; and published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Having this textbook at hand can be very helpful, but it is not required for a rewarding learning experience.

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Free-Ed.Net and the GED & College Prep program are not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Council on Education. (But we think they're pretty cool)


Additional Items
Provided for the Math Exam

These formulas are provided with the exam.

Alternate Grids
For paper-based math exams, these grids are frequently used instead of the usual multiple-choice format.

Calculator Instructions
Here are the basic instructions for using the handheld calculator provided to all who take paper-based HSE math test. The calculator is on the screen for computer-based versions of the exams.



Preparing for GED Mathematics

Practice Test

Take this Sample GED Mathematics Test Test before and after completing the lessons listed below. Then compare the results.

Scoring Chart

You can use the Scoring Chart to get a rough idea of how well you would score on the actual GED social studies test.




Unless your teacher or GED mentor instructs otherwise, you should complete these assignments according to the instructions and in the order shown on this page.

1 Whole Numbers
2 Word Problems
3 Decimals
4 Fractions
5 Ratio and Proportion
6 Percent
7 Measurement
8 Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
9 Basic Geometry
10 The Basics of Algebra

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