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Unit V: Plumbing Maintenance and Repair

About this Unit

A plumber’s most common and frustrating problem is to locate and clear a stoppage in a plumbing drain waste system. A stoppage can happen anywhere in the system; in a fixture, branch line, or main line. A stoppage can be caused by hair, grease, and other foreign matter that holds back or blocks the flow of waste disposal in any part of a plumbing’s drain waste system. You, as a plumber, must be able to locate and clear any stoppage using the proper plumbing tools.

Table of Contents
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Part 1: Maintenance of Valves

Identifying Valves
Repairing Valves
Repairing Faucets
Repairing Flushometer Valves

Review Exercise

Part 2: Maintenance of Fixture Control Devices

Repairing Flushing Mechanisms
Repairing Control Devices

Review Exercise

Part 3:  Clearing Stoppages in Plumbing Fixtures

Identifying Clearing Tools
Clearing Stoppages In Fixtures

Review Exercise

Part 3:  Clearing Stoppages in Waste Lines

Identifying Sewer Snakes
Locating and Clearing Stoppages in Waste Lines

Review Exercise


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