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   Career Institute Subject Areas

Free-Ed.Net has been providing free online courses and other learning resources to the global community since 1997. The topics on this page represent the most relevant studies for careers that are often launched with a post high school education.

Nursing & Allied Health
In the USA at least, the shortage of qualified nursing and allied health professionals is growing. Nursing and allied health careers cover nearly everyone in and related to the health industry.
Free-Ed.Net takes math education very seriously. Math is not just a set of handy tools--it is a means for thinking creatively in a realm that is beyond our five senses. Sadly, it is more often portrayed as some procedures required only for passing the next math exam.
GED & College Prep
Due to unavoidable circumstances or poor judgment, tens of thousands of young people drop out of school each year. They are then left trying to make a living without minimal credentials in today's fast-paced and tech-oriented world. Here is a chance to get back on track.
Electronics Technology
A passion for electronics can take you about anywhere you want to go--from working in your garage to start your own business to the exciting high-tech environments of criminal forensics and aerospace.
Building & Construction
"I first see  it [the building site] as a plot of mud or dust.  I last see it as a bright new property that someone will soon call their home. There's a lot of satisfaction in that."
Aviation Technologies
In the air, on the ground, our floating on a carrier at sea--there is something special about aviation and the people who devote their lives and passions to it.
Auto Technology
A few auto/truck technologists are picky about the kinds of vehicles they work with. But there are a few dreamers who will work with anything having an engine that burns fossil fuel (from diesel to alcohol), and puts between two and eighteen wheels on the ground at the same time.

Industrial Technology


What's the Objective Here?

We are not here to replace a two-year college experience or any other sort of post high school learning; but we certainly can supplement your career education. If you are trying to choose a career, you can explore the kind of academics you can expect from your training. If you are already in school, these items can help you master the material and place higher in your class. And if you are already a practicing technologist, there is always room for improvement and new skills.


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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