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For Adults Struggling with Inadequate Formal Education. Free-Ed.Net does not ignore the vast population of adults around the world who have little or no higher education.  Or maybe it isn't about getting more "book learning." Maybe it's more about learning the kinds of things that come only from personal experience. Or maybe you just need a network of people to help expand your horizons.

You have come to the right place if you have an urgent need to learn or relearn the basic skills of reading, writing, and math. The need for better math skills is usually evident for those needing some academic repair work. But that's only because weaknesses in math are most obvioussuch as trying to figure out how much paint to buy for fixing up a room, or how allocate money from the household budget to pay overdue utility bills over a period of time. On the other hand, communication skills--such as reading, writing, and speakingare often overlooked. Why? It's usually because the individual isn't aware of the problem or doesn't regard it as significant. In this information age, communication is the key to acquiring and disseminating information. A lack of fundamental communication skills traps people into jobs and occupations that are on the fringes of society; they are bound to a lifetime of being on the outside looking in.

How  does Free-Ed.Net assist those needing basic skills  for today's workplace? There are many instances where teachers or mentors use Free-Ed.Net as a source  of learning and testing materials for their small, face-to-face classes. This is an ideal situation for everyone, and such classes can be found in public libraries, schools, public recreation centers, churches, and penal institutions.

Most often, however, people needing help with basic academic skills arrive here on their own and hope to work under our direction. This is best accomplished with the GED & College Prep program offered by Free-Ed.Net.  This is a year-long, guided online experience that deals with math, reading and writing, basic science, and social studies.

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