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For Adults Presently Engaged in Higher Education.

At Free-Ed.Net, we think of higher education as any well-directed learning experience beyond the secondary (high school) level. This includes institutions such as trade and technical schools, community colleges, and universitiesboth brick-and-mortar and online. In any case, Free-Ed.Net should not should not be regarded as total substitute for quality higher education; but it can be an invaluable supplement before, during, and after the formal college experience.


Free-Ed.Net does not currently provide learning opportunities and career material for the credentialed professions such as medicine, law, pharmacy, and professional engineering.

Also, the Military Institute and College of Biblical Studies aren't scheduled for launch until mid-2015. There is currently little material related to those disciplines.

Before Beginning School. The education and workplace features offered by Free-Ed.Net can you determine what courses to take and the academic major that best suits your passions, personality, and future plans. Since all the online material is offered free of charge, you are able to explore a variety of course materials that cover a great majority of subjects offered by schools at any level. The College Prep & Preview program is designed exactly for those trying to unravel the best academic opportunities for the goals they hope to achieve.

While Taking Subjects In School. College study can be  very intense. Often, the course materials comes at you so fast and in such concentrated doses that the meaning of the subject can be lost in all the static. In not uncommon for a person who is excited about becoming a nurse, for example, to lose their enthusiasm and, in fact, develop a distaste for the professionall because of the break-neck pace and trivialization of material to meet class schedules and fit into the exam format. Free-Ed.Net can do nothing to change the way school is done these days, but it can offer a more peaceful haven for going over the course material at a more leisurely pace.

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