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How to Use Free-Ed.Net



Navigating the Site


The Free-Ed.Net website consists of literally thousands of learning resources, from simple images to fully illustrated textbooks with hundreds of pages.


The site is organized around the forms of a traditional university. A university is, for example, a collection of colleges.  Free-Ed.Net currently has sixteen colleges. They are listed in the table below as well as the site's main Home Page.

Colleges of Study at Free-Ed.Net

Arts and Humanities Building and Construction Mathematics Engineering and Technology
Business, Marketing, and Economics Medicine and Allied Health Hospitality and Human Services Public Services
Career Development Science Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science Transportation
Computer Science and Information Technology Social Studies Education Manufacturing and Industry
Note: Notice that the range of studies available at Free-Ed.Net include the trades as well as the traditional academics.

But there is much, much more to the site: Each school is made up of two or more (usually a lot more) schools. Here are a couple of examples.

Schools in the
College of Arts and Humanities

Schools in the College of
Hospitality and Human Services

Visual Arts and Design Hotel and Resort Management
Humanities Gaming and Casino Management
Performing Arts Event Planning
Media Studies Travel and Tourism
Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing Culinary Institute
  Funeral Service and Mortuary Science



Getting the Most from the Learning Resources



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