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About This Course

Vital (life) signs are very important.  They tell you and other medical personnel about the patient's present condition.  By maintaining a record of a patient's vital signs, the effectiveness of the medical treatment that the patient receives can be evaluated.  This course provides you with information you need in order to take a person's vital signs.

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Select a lesson to begin:

Lesson 1 -- Initial Assessment
1-1 Initial Assessment

Exercises for Lesson 1

Lesson 2 -- Temperature
2-1 General Information
2-2 Thermometers
2-3 Taking Temperatures
2-4 Taking Oral Temperatures
2-5 Taking Rectal Temperatures
2-6 Taking Axillary Temperatures

Exercises for Lesson 2

Lesson 3 -- Pulse
3-1 General Information
3-2 Taking the Pulse

Exercises for Lesson 3

Lesson 4 -- Breathing
4-1 General Information
4-1 Assessment of Breathing

Exercises for Lesson 4

Lesson 5 -- Blood Pressure
5-1 General Information
5-2 Blood Pressure Equipment
5-3 Taking Blood Pressure

Exercises for Lesson 5



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