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About This Course

A cardinal rule in the medical field is to not do more harm than good to the patient. This is the reason we must be careful to protect the patient from infection or disease while attempting to treat him. There are times in emergency situations when you may not have the time to wash your hands or to wear gloves and mask as you work with the casualty. This is understandable. You must work quickly to help.

This course discusses communicable diseases and how they are transmitted, medical asepsis, surgical asepsis, the purposes of dressings, types of dressing materials, how to change a sterile dressing, and how to irrigate a wound.


Part 1 Communicable Diseases

Lesson 1-1 Review
Lesson 1-2 Prevention and Control of Infection
Lesson 1-3 Bloodborne Pathogens
Exercises for Part 1

Part 2 Medical Asepsis

Lesson 1-1 Medical Asepsis
Exercises for Part 2

Part 3  Surgical Asepsis and Sterile Technique

Lesson 3-1 Surgical Asepsis
Exercises for Part 3

Part 4 Procedures Used in Wound Care

Lesson 4-1 Changing a Sterile Dressing
Lesson 4-2 Wound Irrigation
Lesson 4-3 Preparing a Wound for Operative Treatment
Exercises for Part 4

Part 5 Isolation

Lesson 5-1 Types of Isolation
Lesson 5-2  Isolation Techniques
Exercises for Part 5

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