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Exercises for Part 4

1. A sterile dressing is used to:

a. Protect the wound from bacteria in the environment.
b. Protect the environment from bacteria in the wound.
c. Both a and b.

2. Which one of the following is a dressing with a plastic-like coating on one side?

a. Abdominal pad.
b. Gauze sponge.
c. Petrolatum gauze.
d. Telfa pad.

3. You wish to use a tape to secure a dressing, which allows the skin beneath the tape to "breathe" (have air exchange). You can use:

a. Adhesive tape.
b. Hypoallergenic tape.
c. Plastic tape.
d. Either hypoallergenic tape or plastic tape.

4. A wound can be irrigated in order to:

a. Remove foreign matter.
b. Remove bacteria.
c. Instill medication.
d. Choices a and b above.
e. Choices a, b, and c above.

5. When preparing a wound for an operative treatment, you should cleanse the area around the wound with a povidone-iodine solution:

a. Before you shave the area around the wound.
b. After you shave the area around the wound.
c. Both before and after you shave the area around the wound.

Answers to Exercises for Part 4

1. c

2. d

3. d

4. e

5. c


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