1-2. Solutions Used in Intravenous Infusion Therapy

a. Dextran Solution. This solution has physical properties similar to plasma. It is used to increase the blood volume lost from trauma, hemorrhage, burns, or anesthesia.

b. Dextrose 5 percent in One-Half Strength Normal Saline Solution (D5/0.45 percent NaCl). This solution is used to correct excessive fluid loss and to provide calories and sodium chloride.

c. Dextrose in Water Solution. Dextrose in water (D5W) solution is used to treat dehydration, to supply calories for energy, and to supply water for body needs.

d. Normal Saline Solution. Normal saline (0.9 percent NaCl) solution is used to correct excessive fluid loss or to correct excessive acid or alkalinity in body fluids.

e. Ringer's Lactate Solution. Ringer's lactate (RL) solution resembles the electrolyte structure of normal blood serum. It is used to treat dehydration and to restore normal fluid after extracellular shift (for example, in burns and infections). This is the solution that the aidman (medical specialist) carries in the field.

f. Other Solutions. Other solutions or concentrations may be used depending upon the patient or condition.

NOTE: 1,000 cc of any IV solution that contains 5 percent dextrose supplies approximately170 calories.