1-4. Alternate Procedure for Administering Intervenous with Stainless Steel Needles

a. Select and prepare the infusion site the same way as with the over-the-needle catheter indicated above and don gloves.

b. Holding the needle by pinching the two wings together with your thumb and forefinger introduce the needle into the vein you have selected using the technique described in paragraph 1-3j.

c. Confirm puncture of the vein by watching the needle tubing for blood return.

d. While exerting a gentle lifting pressure, advance the needle in the vein up to the wings. Lifting the needle helps to prevent the needle from piercing the opposite wall of the vein.

e. Release the constricting band and ask the patient to open his fist.

f. Hang the solution container above the level of the heart.

g. Tape the needle into position and cover site as described above.