2-2. TERMS

The following are terms used in this section with comments that may help you understand the procedures for obtaining a blood specimen.

a. Palpate. To feel or to examine with the fingertips.

b. Antecubital Fossa. Hollow or depressed area in the joint between arm and forearm.

c. Median Cubital Vein. First choice for venipuncture (in antecubital fossa).

d. Cephalic Vein. Second choice for venipuncture (lateral portion of forearm).

e. Basilic Vein. Least desirable for venipuncture (inside of forearm).

f. Anticoagulant. A substance which prevents or reduces clotting of the blood. Patients receiving anticoagulents tend to bleed longer than others.

g. Hematoma. A collection of blood under the skin. These are the most common complications resulting from venipuncture attempts.