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Additional Items
Provided for the Math Exam

These formulas are provided with the exam.

Alternate Grids
For paper-based math exams, these grids are frequently used instead of the usual multiple-choice format.

Calculator Instructions
Here are the basic instructions for using the handheld calculator provided to all who take paper-based HSE math test. The calculator is on the screen for computer-based versions of the exams.



Preparing for GED Math Exam


Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Assignment 8-1: Preview the Topic

Use the Chapter Overview to see exactly what you will be studying in this series of assignments. These are your main learning objectives.

Assignment 8-2: Study and Research the Topic

  • Research the terms and processes described in Chapter Outline. Use the Google search box to do further Web research on your own.


Assignment 8-3: Check Your Mastery of the Topic

When you've completed a quiz, click the Submit Answers button at the bottom of the quiz page. The computer will score your quiz and give you an opportunity to send the results to a teacher or other mentor. Please use this e-mail feature responsibly.


This course of study is built around Contemporary's GED Mathematics; authored by Jerry Howett; and published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Having this textbook at hand can be very helpful, but it is not required for a rewarding learning experience.

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