This FAQ for new users answers questions that are commonly asked by learners who have made a commitment (to themselves) to pursue some studies through the Free-Ed.Net site.

How do I sign up for a Free-Ed.Net course? You don't have to sign up for most Free-Ed courses. Normally, there is no sign-up and there is never any cost to you. It's easy and it's free. Simply find a topic that suits your needs, and go to work on it!

How much do Free-Ed.Net courses cost? There is no charge for Free-Ed courses. Free-Ed.Net brings together the best courses, tutorials, and learning materials we can find on the Web including some we are developing ourselves. Free-Ed means the best possible FREE EDUCATION for everyone.

I was working on one of your courses, and I suddenly got a request for a password ... and I have to buy a book in order to get that password. Free education, huh? FAIL! We use free educational resources wherever we can find them. And sometimes we get them from sites that also offer premium resources that require a paid membership, book purchase, or some such thing. We cite exactly what you are supposed to study on such a site and what you are supposed to study will never cost you a dime.

What is the purpose of taking a Free-Ed.Net course if I can't get certificate of completion?

Free-Ed is not intended to replace your formal education at a reputable degree-granting school. Rather, we are here to serve a number of other needs that cannot be handled economically, efficiently, or effectively by traditional schools. You can use Free-Ed courses to:
  • Review material you previously learned in school
  • Prepare for job and school placement exams
  • Extend your vocational skills
  • Extend your understanding of theoretical material related to your work, hobby, or special interest

Why don't you offer a diploma or certificate of completion? Is it because your school is inferior and cannot be trusted? The "nice" reason is that we do not have the resources required for testing and tracking the accomplishments of each student. The "nasty" reason is that we therefore have no way of knowing whether or not a student actually completes the work to a respectable standard.

How long does it take to complete one of your courses? Most courses at Free-Ed.Net are asynchronous courses you work at your own pace. You have to find the pace that is right for you. You don't want to go too fast because you will miss a lot of good learning; and you don't want to go too slow because you might lose interest and never finish the course. With experience, you can find the pace that is just right for you. To answer your question:   There is no fixed time for completing most of our courses.

Where do I get the books and other study materials for a course? Everything you need is provided online. Naturally, you will have to buy some basic supplies (pencils, paper, etc.), but the learning resources are all provided on the 'net. A few courses require you to read some popular novels or nonfiction books that are not yet available online. In those cases, you can get copies from your local library or bookstore.

How do I contact my teacher? Most courses at Free-Ed.Net do not use "live" teachers, so there is no teacher to contact.

Where do I send my homework? Unless clearly instructed otherwise, you do not submit your work. Some of the advanced courses require you to maintain a blog for your written assignments.

If I don't submit my work for grading, how do I know my grade? You are trying to mix education apples and with oranges. Free-Ed.Net isn't into "grades." You should be pursuing an education, not grades. Grades are meaningless here.

If our work isn't graded, how do we know how well we are doing? Serious students and lifelong learners must learn to recognize the quality of their own work. Besides, to use some old-school terminology, Free-Ed.Net is one big "open book" exam. You would have to be seriously distracted to "get it wrong."

When I select a link on my subject page, I get a NOT FOUND message. What gives? Many of the courses and tutorials on Free-Ed.Net are gathered from other sources around the Internet. Sometimes those sites do not announce their changes and simply disappear.

I get an error message when I try to watch a video for my course. I haven't had this trouble on other sites. What is the problem? Some videos are covered by license agreements that prohibit viewing outside North America.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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