Free-Ed.Net is a very large and dynamic site that is dedicated to the proposition that "ordinary people" everywhere in the world are capable of accomplishing extraordinary feats of discovery, self-fulfillment, and service to humanity. Free-Ed.Net differs from traditional schools by understanding that "one-size-fits-all" is a seriously outmoded approach to learning and career  building.  This means that anyone approaching Free-Ed.Net with at least one foot still in the traditional world of learning and the workplace will be confused by the openness and multiplicity of learning/career options. The series of FAQs cited below should help clarify and build confidence in the site and  its purpose.

  • First-Time Visitor FAQ
    This FAQ is intended to answer questions that commonly pop into the minds of people who are unfamiliar with the site and the way(s) it works.

  • New User's FAQ
    The New User's FAQ answers questions that are commonly asked by learners who have made a commitment (to themselves) to pursue some studies through the Free-Ed.Net site.

  • FAQ for Educators and Homeschool Mentors
    (Under Construction)

  • Media and Business FAQ
    This FAQ has been prepared for those who are interested in learning about the site and the business model for Free-Ed.Net

  • Lifelong Learning and Career Development FAQ
    Education and career maintenance are no longer

  • Critic's FAQ
    Not all visitors to Free-Ed.Net are aware of the depth of the tectonic shifts taking place in education and the workplace. A few are not only unaware, but also unwilling to consider any paradigm but their own ... as demonstrated by the content and tone of their e-mails.

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