After completing your work with this section, you should be able to:

Information in Physician's Medication Orders

  • Date and time the order is written
  • Name of the medication
  • Dosage of the medication
  • Directions for administration
    • Route
      • IM: intramuscular or intramuscularly
      • IV: intravenous or intravenously
      • PO (or po): by mouth
      • SC (or SQ): subcutaneous or subcutaneously
      • p.r.: per rectum or rectally
    • Time interval or frequency
      • q 4h: every 4 hours
      • b.i.d.: twice a day
      • p.r.n.: if needed, as needed
      • q.d.: every day, daily
      • q.i.d.: 4 times a day
      • q.o.d.: every other day
      •  t.i.d. : 3 times a day

The Five "Rights" of Medication Administration