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Lesson 3 Introduction to Pharmacology

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Module 3.1 General
Module 3.2 Terms and Definitions
Module 3.3 Sources of Drugs
Module 3.4 Uses for Drugs
Module 3.5 Factors Which Influence Drug Dosage Effects
Module 3.6 Types of Adverse Reactions to Drugs
Module 3.7 Introduction to Pharmacokinetics
Module 3.8 Absorption of Drugs
Module 3.9 Factors Which Affect Absorption
Module 3.10 Distribution of Drugs
Module 3.11 Metabolism
Module 3.12 Bioavailability
Module 3.13 Excretion
Module 3.14 Echanisms of Drug Action
Module 3.15 Drug Efficacy


About this Lesson


General Topics Covered:

  • Terms and Definitions Important In Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Drugs
  • Considerations of Drug therapy
  • Factors Which Influence Drug Action

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