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Lesson 6 The Human Urogential System

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Module 6.1 Introduction
Module 6.2 Discussion of Lesson Content
Module 6.3 Introduction
Module 6.4 The Human Urinary System
Module 6.5 The Kidney
Module 6.6 Hormones Involved in the Formation of Urine
Module 6.7 Ureters
Module 6.8 Urinary Bladder
Module 6.9 Urethra
Module 6.10 Urinary Tract Disorders
Module 6.11 Sexual Dimorphism
Module 6.12 Advantages of Double Parenting
Module 6.13 Major Component Categories of the Gential Systems
Module 6.14 Primary Sex Organs
Module 6.15 Secondary Sex Organs
Module 6.16 Secondary Sexual Characteristics
Module 6.17 Mammary Glands
Module 6.18 Primary Sex Organs
Module 6.19 Secondary Sex Organs
Module 6.20 Secondary Sexual Characteristics


About this Lesson


General Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the Urogenital Systems
  • The Human Urinary System
  • Introduction To Human Genital Systems
  • The Human Female Genital System
  • The Human Male Genital System

Primary Content Providers:  The U. S. Army, The U.S. Navy
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