Learning Journal FAQ


What is a learning journal?
Your learning journal is simply a notebook that you use for saving and organizing the work you do for a particular course at Free-Ed.Net.
Where do I get my learning journal?
It is up to you to cobble together a learning journal from standard supplies: a 3-ring binder, ruled 3-hole paper, pens, and so on. You can use this link to see a full collection of Learning Journal  Supplies
What do I record in my learning journal?
You should discipline yourself to put all your notes, written exercises, questions and answers in your learning journal. You should also make some personal notes about your own thoughts and impressions of the course material. You can print out stuff and insert it in the journal. You can mark up your pages, put notes within notes, and draw diagrams. Never study a lesson at Free-Ed.Net without taking some notes in your learning journal. Even if these notes sometimes seem trivial and pointless -- do it anyway. You will be surprised how important some simple ideas will become at a later time.
What do I do with my learning journal when I complete a course?
If you've taken your learning journal seriously, it becomes an important piece of your life. You are a different person when you finish your journal than when you started. There aren't many processes in life that can make such important changes in one's life than learning something new and important. Your learning journal is your trophy, your "certification," for all the work you've done. So keep it. It will mean more and more to you as you journey through your life and career.
Why does it have to be a handwritten, hardcopy journal? Why not create a much more professional looking and convenient electronic version?
Electronic versions of learning journals have much less credibility among prospective employers. They are easily plagiarized and disseminated,  and they lack vital identifying characteristics such has handwriting and presentation style.