Learning Journal: A Vital Learning Tool at Free-Ed.Net

You can validate your learning experience at Free-Ed.Net by maintaining  a learning journal. Everything you study, everything you learn, and how you feel about it should be carefully documented in your learning journal. It is tangible evidence of what you've accomplished and it can be a priceless reference work for future studies.

You should maintain a separate learning journal for each subject or topic area you study.

Learning at Free-Ed.Net is a dynamic, interactive process. It isn't a linear, straight-through process where you simply check off a list of course objectives and try to outguess a few multiple-choice questions. Rather, you get a little here and you pick up a little there. You undergo an exciting breakthrough in understanding one day, then fall into a black hole of ignorance the next. Sometimes you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going. Other times, you are lost and confused. But there is always Free-Ed.Net and the vast content of the Internet to provide the answers or at least the means to your discovering the answers.

Everyone needs a way to keep track of these twisting-and-turning learning experiences to make some sense of it all and maintain a grip on sanity. That's a big part of why you must keep a learning journal for every subject you study.

Another reason for keeping a learning journal is to provide tangible evidence of your participation in the courses. Free-Ed.Net cannot offer valid certification for your work, so it is up to you to build a convincing portfolio of your own. You own Learning Journal is a key element in that portion or your career resume.