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"This is my Free-Ed.Net learning journal. It shows exactly what I've learned and how I've grown through my learning experience. It isn't very big, but it holds a big piece of me, my life, and my future."

Barbara R. - Oakland, CA

More About Creating and Maintaining Your Learning Journals

Journal Chats
Notes, views, suggestions, and instructions for creating, maintaining, and presenting your journal as part of your learning experience.

Learning Journal  Supplies
A selection of learning-journal supplies. You can browse the items to get a better understanding of how you want to do your journal.





What IS a Learning Journal?

This is the "short version." You can learn a lot more about the subject in the section, Journal Chats

A learning journal is typically a 3-ring notebook that you load with pages of notes, drawings, and comments for a course or other kind of learning you've experienced at Free-Ed.Net. 

  1. The journal is, first, a tool for getting you more involved in your learning process.
  2. Second, it is clear evidence of the quality of your work.

The first purpose (getting you involved) keeps you closely connected with the progress of the studies. The second (evidence) impresses job interviewers with the depth and quality of your thinking and your work ethic.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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