Basic Trigonometry

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Section 1 - Angles

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-1   Introduction to Angles
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-2   Terms
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-3   Angles Defined
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-4   Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-5   Measuring Angles
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-6   Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-7   The Coordinate Plane
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-8   Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-9   Vectors
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-10 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-11 Standard Position
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-12 Problems

Section 2 - Graphs

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-1 Graphing Trigonometric Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-2 Terms
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-3 Graphing Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-4 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-5 Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-6 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-7 Horizontal and Vertical Shifts
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-8 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-9 Vertical and Horizontal Stretches
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-10 Problems

Section 3 - Trigonometric Equations

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-1 Trigonometric Equations
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-2 Terms and Formulae
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-3 Solving General Equations
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-4 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-5 Inverse Trigonometric Relations
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-6 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-8 Problem

Section 4 - Trigonometric Functions

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Trigonometric Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Terms and Formulae
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Trigonometric Functions
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Functions in Quadrants
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Reference Angles
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 The Unit Circle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)4-1 Problems

Section 5 - Trigonometric Identities

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-1 Trigonometric Identities
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-2 Key Terms
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-3 Eight Fundamental Trigonometric Identities
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-4 Negative Angle Identities
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-5 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-6 Additional Trigonometric Identities
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-7 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-8 Review of Functions and Angles
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)5-9 Problems

Section 6 - Solving Oblique Triangles

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-1 Solving Oblique Triangles
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-2 Formulae
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-3 Oblique Triangle Review
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-4 The Law of Sines
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-5 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-6 The Ambiguous Case
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-7 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-8 The Law of Cosines
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-9 Problems
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-10 Area of a Triangle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)6-11 Problems

Section 7 - Solving Right Triangles

7-1 Solving Right Triangles
7-2 Terms and Formulae
7-3 Right Triangle Review
7-4 Techniques for Solving
7-5 Problems
7-6 Applications
7-7 Problems

Section 8 - More Trigonometric Identities

8-1 Multiple Angles and Functions
8-2 Formulae
8-3 Double and Half-Angle Formulas
8-4 Problems
8-5 Addition and Subtraction Formulas
8-6 Problems
8-7 Products of Functions
8-8 Problems
8-9 Sums and Differences of Functions
8-10 Problems

Trigonometry Review Test

What Is Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is an important, fundamental step in math education. From the seemingly simple shape, the right triangle, we gain tools and insight that help us in further practical as well as theoretical endeavors. The subtle mathematical relationships between the right triangle, the circle, the sine wave, and the exponential curve can only be fully understood with a firm basis in trigonometry.

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