The Certificate of Affirmation is our response to your need for meaningful documentation of your personal participation in studies at Free-Ed.Net.  It is our 21st century version of a diploma.

You should be clearly aware of at least three significant differences between this document and a certificate of completion or diploma from traditional schools of the 19th  and 20th centuries.

  1. The document states that you are currently participating in a certain study program. It does not say you have "successfully completed" it. Why not? In the 21st century education paradigm, you never exhaust all available learning opportunities for any significant  subject. You might quit studying it, but you are never really finished. Hence, there is no mention of actually completing the work.

  1. Free-Ed.Net does not directly endorse your work. Why not? Because it is impossible for Free-Ed.Net to accurately track the time, effort, and quality of work for more than a half-million unique learners that work here each month.  Anything we might cobble together to say about you and your work doesn't really matter, anyway. The actual body of your work matters much more. This certificate is your own, personal, and formal affirmation that you are building a significant body of work.

  1. This document states that you are prepared to present your personal Learning Journal as evidence of your active participation. This feature adds a bedrock of credibility that is vital for both you and Free-Ed.Net. In the 21st century education paradigm, what you actually can do carries far more weight than a "note from the teacher" that implies you have managed to satisfy the requirements of a traditional school or a set of standards mandated by a government agency.

Look for this panel on the page that includes or links directly to the subject you are studying. It is essential that you select that particular panel, because it contains the specific course program that appears on your certificate.

Click the PRINT IT button on the panel to see a printable version of your certificate.

Check the name of the study program to make sure it relates to you study program.

Note: Free-Ed.Net does not presently provide a certificate for every available topic. You simply need to select one that is as close as possible. There is no certificate specifically for the art of drawing and painting. However, there is a certificate for Studio Art.

When you see the appropriate certificate on your monitor screen, use the Print function on your own browser to print the page.

  • Sign the document

  • Print your name

  • Write the date you printed the certificate

The QR code, located on the lower-right portion of your certificate point to the study program you have selected. This makes it easy for you to show an interviewer or potential employer exactly what you are studying at Free-Ed.Net.  This is also useful when you make multiple copies of your certificate, and leave them with those who have some interest in the source of your learning.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015