The arts and humanities are all about human creative expression, from designing jewelry to performing opera. It is a grand mixture of abstract academia and the mastery of creative hands-on skills. There are no boundaries on time, place, and subject matter -- the only limitations are the knowledge, skill, and imagination of the human race. We challenge you to become one of those who opens new doors to human expression and the opportunity for others to enjoy it.

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Even if you don't have a compelling interest--getting personally and deeply involved--in any of these topics, you might enjoy exploring the lifelong learning assets offered here. Why so? Because most of these topics touch our everyday lives to some extent ... movies, art, theatre, music, languages and cultures, literature, and so on and on... .

So see what you can find in one of these topics I've fit into the general category of Arts & Humanities

Select a Sub-Topic of Arts & Humanities

Visual Arts and Design
Art, Photography, Cinematography, Commercial Art and Design

Philosophy, Classical and Ancient Worlds, Literature

Performing Arts
Dance, Music, Theatre

Media Studies
Journalism, Library and Information Science, Public Speaking and Presentation

Writing, Editing, and Publishing
English Grammar and Mechanics, Writing, Editing and Publishing

Radio and Television Production

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Since launching this website in the late 1990s, I've often considered splitting up this topic into at least two separate segments--The Arts for one, and The Humanities for another. It seems to make sense. Really ... what do studies of the Greek Parthenon have to do with Miley Cyrus? Or Dostoyevsky with late-breaking news on streaming TV?

Whether the subject is the nature of God as expressed in art, literature, and architecture or the thinking behind producing a compelling photograph;  it's all about communicating the human condition and the human spirit.

So I'm not inclined to split up this department at this time.


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"You can teach a monkey to blow a whistle, but that doesn't make him a musician"