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Core studies provide knowledge and skills that are essential for more specific nursing and allied health studies. This is where you will find the necessary studies of science, math, and medical terminology.


Core Topics for Nursing & Allied Health
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  • Math and Science. Getting great scores on your certification exams is crucial for keeping your career on track. But If you want to continue growing in your profession, you must do more math and learn more science than is required for any of the certification exams.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills. The allied health professions are all people-oriented professions. Few other professions (possibly military and clergy) must deal with people in crisis on a daily basis. These skills are crucial for doing and succeeding as an allied health professional.
  • Medical Terminology. This is a part of nursing and allied health that needs attention throughout your career. The training is most intense in the first years of study, but it never really ends ... not if you are a true professional.






Topics in Nursing and Allied Health