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I don't think I'm overstating the case when I suggest that psychology is one of the most fertile fields of endeavor for radical lifelong learners. For one thing, there is an intense and abiding popular interest in virtually every aspect of the subject. For a learner who can do responsible "library" research and can write like a pro can create an entire library of popular books on the history and personalities of psychology. Or if you are into computer science, you can mine all the data out there being created in the name of cognitive neuroscience. It goes on and on like that. I will write more here on the subject at a later time.

For most, the immediate goal is to capture the essence of psychology and, especially, the sub-topic you find most intriguing at the moment.

Psychology is a natural, fertile field of work for self-directed lifelong learners.-- DLH

Note: Some of these tutorials might require a PDF reader. If you do not have an the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device, you can download a free copy here. Many also require the Google Play app for mobile devices.

These Topic Tutorials are high-quality, authoritative presentations of a limited, but important, topic. They are not listed in any particular order at this time, so you should enjoy browsing the list to find a topic you need or one that simply piques your interest. Enjoy.

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Psych and Me

I "majored" in psychology for a few semesters during my later undergrad college years. I started with the usual misperceptions--you know, like learning how to spook my friends by figuring out what they are thinking. Frankly, the only reason I got into university psychology was that my initial choice of studies (physics and mathematics) was seriously interfering with my social life. Psych sounded simpler. Well, I found it was quite different from physics ... as I had expected. But not as dumbed-down simple as I had imagined. I never finished college, anyway.


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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