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Though the global jury may remain hung over sex's moral and political implications, we can all come to at least one consensus: It's why we're alive today and it's the first thing future generations depend on. -- Psychology Today

At the beginning of each new semester, instructors of college-level human sexuality courses always find a prevailing ignorance about some of the important details of sexual anatomy and physiology. Even in this day of increasing openness with regard to sexual matters, students still arrive in the class unaware some of the fundamental features of sexual anatomy and function not  only of  the opposite sex, but their own as well!

Please Note

  1. The subjects of gender and sexuality are presented here in a responsible and scholarly fashion. Nevertheless, parents may find images and frank discussions of human sexuality that are inappropriate for younger children. Parental guidance is expected.
  2. This page is intended to provide facts, theories, and insights into human sexuality and intimacy. There are no political or social agendas. It is often necessary, however, to describe disparate views in order to create a proper context for understanding.


Note: Some of these tutorials might require a PDF reader. If you do not have an the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device, you can download a free copy here. Many also require the Google Play app for mobile devices.


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