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As fantastic as you might find these libraries to be, they are only part of a larger effort to bring free learning resources to a global community.

Coming Soon

These libraries will soon be opening on the 3D, virtual-world campus of Free-Ed.Net.



Welcome to the Main Library on the virtual campus of Free-Ed.Net University. From here, you have free online access to thousands of today's academic and trade textbooks.

The library is divided according to the sixteen colleges at Free-Ed.Net, and the following links take you to those college libraries. From there, you can browse the stacks until you find the exact books you want to study.

  • Library of Arts and Humanities
    Visual Arts and Design - Humanities - Performing Arts - Media Studies - Writing, Editing, and Publishing

  • Library of Business, Marketing, and Economics
    Business - Economics - Marketing, Advertising, and Sales - Accounting and Bookkeeping - Office Skills and Administration

  • Library of Career Development
    Career Asset Studies - Lifelong Learning - College Prep and Preview - Academic Placement Exams - High School Equivalency Exams - Foundation Programs

  • Library of Computer Science and Information Technology
    Computer Science - Information and Communications Technology - Artificial Intelligence - Interactive Entertainment

  • Library of Skill Trades
    Construction - Building Trades

  • Library of Medicine and Allied Health
    Core Studies for Nursing and Allied Health - Nursing and Medical Assisting - Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology - Allied Health Technologies - Medical Office: Records and Administration - Human Diseases and Disorders - Health and Human Performance - Emergency Medical Services - Health Administration and Management - Medical Law and Ethics

  • Library of Science
    General Science - Astronomy - Biology - Chemistry - Earth Science - Physics

  • Library of Social Studies
    Anthropology - Archaeology - Criminal Justice - Geography - Political Science and Government - History - Law -
    Modern Languages and Cultures - Cultural Studies - Psychology - Religion - Human Sexuality - Sociology

  • Library of Mathematics
    Skill Mathematics - Applied Mathematics - Pure Mathematics

  • Library of Hospitality and Human Services
    Hotel and Resort Management - Gaming and Casino Management - Event Planning - Travel and Tourism - Culinary Institute - Cosmetology - Funeral Service and Mortuary Science

  • Library of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science
    Agriculture - Food Science - Food Production and Processing - Animal Science and Veterinary Technology - Horticulture and Landscaping - Environmental Science - Wildlife and Forestry

  • Library of Education
    Core Subjects for Education - Informal Education - Primary and Secondary Education - Homeschooling - Special Education - Education Psychology - Curriculum and Instruction - School Administration

  • Library of Engineering and Technology
    Engineering Technology Core Studies - Aeronautical Engineering & Space Technology - Bioengineering Technology - Chemical Engineering Technology - Civil Engineering Technology - Electrical Engineering Technology - Industrial Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology - Nuclear Engineering Technology

  • Library of Public Services
    Public Safety - Homeland Security - Public Administration - Social Services

  • Library of Transportation
    Road Transportation - Rail Transportation - Water Transportation - Air Transportation - Space Transportation

  • Library of Manufacturing and Industry
    Core Skills: Manufacturing - Manufacturing Processes - Machine Tools - Robotics and Numerical Controls

Please Note

The free online texts offered in this library are preview copies of college and trade textbooks published in the 21st century. Yes, some have pages missing as part of the publishers' agreements with Google; however, the material that remains is far superior to most other teaching resources on the Web today.

The textbook resources featured in these libraries at Free-Ed.Net are not in the public domain. They are covered by US and International copyright law, and no further rights are granted without written permission.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015