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The Short Description

The Learning Resources Warehouse is where I place some really good learning resources that don't quite fit into the patterns of learning resources on the main page for the subject.  This is not to say these are inferior resources ... it's simply that they don't fit into the organization if the main course page.


A Longer Description

The internet is a vast and  growing repository of learning resources ... everything from classic children's books to astrophysics. The number of potentially useful bits of educational information can be overwhelming, and being overwhelmed in is not good  for anyone struggling to learn and build a career. So we show only the most useful courses and learning resources on the main course page, and then include all other potentially useful bits and pieces in the Learning Resources Warehouse.

Does this mean that the learning resources in this warehouse are inferior to those on the main course page? Not necessarily .. not really. It simply means that warehoused items don't as well fit into the sort of well-organized, smooth-running learning program that most online learners still expect. But there are some real treasures here for the person who cares to search them out and take advantage of them.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015