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Physical Sciences

The physical sciences focus on the major topics, concepts, processes, and interrelationships of physical phenomena as studied in any combination of physical science disciplines.



Planetary Astronomy and Science

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, General

Atmospheric Chemistry and Climatology

Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics


Chemistry, General

Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Chemical Physics

Environmental Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry

Geology/Earth Science, General


Geophysics and Seismology


Hydrology and Water Resources Science

Geochemistry and Petrology

Oceanography, Chemical and Physical

Physics, General

Atomic/Molecular Physics

Elementary Particle Physics

Plasma and High-Temperature Physics

Nuclear Physics

Optics/Optical Sciences

Condensed Matter and Materials Physics


Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Materials Science

Materials Chemistry

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