The Heart of Chemistry

"My second year of college included a full academic year of chemistry for engineers and chem majors. My problem with the course wasn't an academic one. Let me just say that 8:00 a.m. is not my ideal time of day for lectures, even wham sharing the space with 300 other eager minds. Someone told me that sitting in the front row--close to the professor--would help keep me awake. The trick didn't work for me, and I managed to snooze through most of the hour for the entire year. The lab sessions must have been generic, because I don't recall a single thing about them. Nevertheless, I passed the course with a respectable grade, and, on the last day of lecture, the prof--with all good humor--publicly recognized me as the "class sleeper."

This is only a small part of my livelong-learning adventures in chemistry. See more ...

But that is all about my own radical lifelong learning experiences in chemistry. You have to come up with your own ... and here are the main topics for now:

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