Well, you've found your way to the radical lifelong learning resources for the subject of criminal justice. Educators and career people tend to divide the learning activities of criminal justice into four main topics:

  1. Enforcement
  2. Investigation
  3. Adjudication
  4. Corrections

This is the place where you usually find a tidy definition for each of the terms. Not here. You are (or are becoming) a self-directed, self-motivated lifelong learner ... so dig out the definitions for yourself.

Okay, so what stirs some excitement about the field of criminal justice? Is it crime scene investigation? Criminal forensics?  Ethics for law enforcement and adjudication? Or maybe you would like to do some .... or become a court reporter, a licensed private eye, or an independent consultant for specialized forensics such as explosives, forensic anthropology, or high-tech crimes. In this business of criminal justice, you don't have to stretch the imagination very far to come across something that piques your interest.

We have a lot of items that are suitable for a lifelong-learning style. For the time being, they are organized by the type of resource, rather than the topic. So pick a type of resource (below), and sort out the ones you want to use.

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