History is generally regarded as a social science., This means that the study of history must involve people. History is about people. If there are no people, there is no history.

History is without a doubt the grandest  of all human narratives Not only is there an uncertain future, but a past that is packed  full of unanswered questions, undiscovered events, and great men and women whose impact upon our lives is passing unnoticed. The greatest and most expansive literary works are, by comparison, a mere series of events taken from a thin slice of human history.

If your passion for history is built around an abiding fascination with the story of humanity, we applaud you. Enjoy! But if your passion is not well defined, or perhaps disfigured by your experience with conventional history classes, you might discover a way to find some direction here.

History is not about verifying facts.
History is about asking questions.


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